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Ah, you want to know more about us? We understand you. Of course you want to know who is behind this company. We, that is Jindra and the team, always want to know this too.


Welcome to Guestmanship. I am Jindra de Baat, owner and founder of the company.


Jindra de Baat grondlegger van het bedrijf Guestmanship gevestigs in Den Haag. Ondersteuning bij het ontvangen van internationale zaken relaties in


The idea for starting a business that tackled the complex issues of cultural sensitivity started to marinade from my earliest days employed in hospitality. I was always restless working in the hotel industry. I was constantly trying to figure out where I wanted to place all of my energy and attention in the future.

I first studied Tourism and Development. Courses in Protocol, Etiquette and Inter-Cultural Communication followed, leading to extensive work experience in international guest services. I have also been extremely fortunate to have traveled the globe and experienced cultural differences first hand. I was fascinated by the vastly different service levels in countries like the U.S.A, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia etc. compared to my home country. I was constantly comparing customer service levels and weighing up how the Netherlands fared in comparison to other countries. With every trip I took, my ideas started to take shape around my dream career. I thought there might be a gap in the market where my passions and curiosity could meet a real need and so Guestmanship was created.

Personal Touch

I realized that I didn’t want to be a concierge talking about the popular sights in the city and pointing the guests in the general direction –I wanted to be showing them around myself. I wanted the international guests to feel safe and comfortable in a new city where they were doing business. The Netherlands is a hub of international trade and I wanted to make sure that any business traveler would be able to arrive in our country and have access to a cultural diversity expert guide. This person would act as a bridge between two cultures and facilitate meetings, sightseeing and translation requirements. The visitor can be totally at ease in a foreign environment because a Guestmanship ambassador is taking care of their specific needs. This exclusive, refined, culturally sensitive guest service allows business deals to be closed, due to the balance between cultural differences, expectations and needs.

Guestmanship was formulated in February 2011 and after I invested in entrepreneur training, I launched the company in September of the same year. My vision for Guestmanship is that one day I can scale the business to an international level so it does not only operate in the Netherlands but in all countries.

Bridging the Gap

I have imbedded my own personal qualities of striving for perfection and creating enduring connections into the heart of Guestmanship. We create the bridge between the goal of the company sending their team to do business in the Netherlands, and the local business looking to partner with them. We bring the two into a harmonious relationship by offering superior, personalized customer service. We truly understand cultural differences and how to ease a newcomer into a foreign environment with patience and support.

I look forward to meeting you and facilitating your business stay in the Netherlands.


We Bridge Cultural Divides So You Can Close the Deal.


Guestmanship aligns your culture compass to help foster mutual understanding and respect for business partners from emerging markets.


The team of Guestmanship


How you can optimize your performance when dealing with business partners from emerging markets.

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