The Guestmanship Team

The project team of Guestmanship

The team consists of hospitality experts and preferred suppliers. The moment a project starts; the ideal team will be selected according to the goals of the company that has assigned us the project. Guestmanship has a portfolio of hospitality experts focused on emerging countries. Each hospitality expert is selected for a specific assignment depending on background, gender, experience and knowledge.


All hospitality experts are qualified professionals in Guest Service and they do additional training in order to become hospitality specialists as well.


The suppliers consist of carefully selected companies in the Netherlands which match the profile of Guestmanship. They include everything from accommodation, transport, as well as free-time activities.


No-one is allowed to cooperate and work with Guestmanship if they are not of the same mindset with the same desire to achieve our company goals.


Entrepreneurial Recognition

I was extremely proud to have been part of these entrepreneur contests:

Entrepreneur contest “Westbusiness Starters Award”

During the Spring of 2014, Westbusiness started the Westbusiness Starters Award 2014 in cooperation with various partners from theHague. In total, 14 nominated participants were being showcased during an edition of ‘Westbusiness presents Frits!’.
In this edition, the company was being judged by jury members on the basis of value creation, finance and product or service innovation. Guestmanship was one of the nominated companies. Please, watch Guestmanship’s video.

Entrepreneurs Contest “The Next Entrepreneur”

Jindra and Guestmanship have reached the last 16 during the contest “The Next Entrepreneur 2012” which searches for the most innovative entrepreneur in the Netherlands. Jindra reached the last 4 semi-finalists from the province of South Holland.

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