Private Deal Accelerator (Assistants):


We’re on hand 24/7, You reap the reward!


To optimize your impact with your guest we offer a 24/7 experience where we act as deal accelerator assistants offering the guest an unparalleled business experience in the Netherlands. We align the parties, eliminate uncertain factors, facilitate culturally sensitive communication to ensure your guest stays focused on the business transaction. Guestmanship acts as a deal accelerator for you.


The added value, is the assistance of a hospitality specialist with dual nationality, who acts as a 24/7 point of contact for your guest.


Each guest is paired with a Guestmanship specialist who is from the same country of origin but has been living long enough in the Netherlands to understand its cultural norms.


International business relationYour deal accelerator assistant offers invaluable services:

  • eliminates disturbing external factors that take focus away from business
  • on-the-go cultural advisor
  • body language translator
  • tips whisperer
  • enhancer of your image in the eyes of your guest

Guestmanship assistants provide:

  • availability 24 hours a day
  • guidance and support throughout the visit in the Netherlands
  • culture shock prevention
  • complete cultural understanding
  • feeling of security that only a compatriot can give
  • explanation of the programme details
  • valuable personal company after business hours.


What matters even more is that the specialist works as a neutral buffer between you and your business guest. They assist with creating a bond of trust in the business relationship. Furthermore, a calm environment is created, allowing you to focus on business. These conditions create the perfect climate to close the deal in record time.


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