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Every company is different. Every international business transaction is unique. Every target country has their own cultural make-up. No two deals are going to be the same. We will devise a customized strategy with you to target the specificity of the deal on the table. We banish generalizations to determine the exact course of action for hosting your international guests. Guestmanship offers invaluable advice to find the perfect plan to build authentic relationships with your partners.


The goal of advising on developing customized strategies is to adequately prepare you and your team for your guest’s visit. Together we create the foundation for the business experience and build a strategy that promotes the outcome you are looking to achieve.



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Our Customized Strategy approach entails a four step format:

  • Introduction:

Encompassing the importance of cultural awareness when dealing with emerging markets. It is crucial that everybody in the company, that will be in touch with the guest, understands how they can leave a positive impression.


  • Quick scan:

An internal review that interrogates the readiness of your employees to host the guest. Anyone who will be engaging with the guest will be evaluated on their cultural awareness and sensitivity regarding the country of origin of the business partner.


  • Country specific advice:

Guestmanship advises you on how to create a business programme that provides a comprehensive journey for your visiting guest. Every interaction is focused on the well-being of your business partner. Throughout the planning phase, we offer input on cultural norms and practices of the guest’s country of origin. We point out the steps that need to be taken to accommodate their specific needs. We highlight the aspects of your plan that need more attention. Advice is given regarding the programme, crucial touch points, external suppliers and attitude of employees towards the guest.


  • In-house training (if required):

If the Quick scan shows that your employees lack the knowledge needed to host the guest from emerging markets – in-house training, to address cultural differences, is proposed. The training provides education on the general role of culture in international business and country-specific guidance for dealing with the expected guest.


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