When you invite your business partner from emerging markets to the Netherlands, Guestmanship is here for you.

Guestmanship’s vision is to help companies in the Netherlands to perform better during international transactions with emerging markets.

To lay down properly all the bricks for the bridge towards the deal, we offer different levels of services. For those who wish to try building on their own, online education is available. For those who prefer substantial directions, based on specific case, we offer advising. For an even bigger impact, we recommend assisting during your business partner’s visit and reassuring that the business experience works in your advantage.


Educate yourself to be better prepared for hosting and negotiations with your business partner. Request educational content here.

Each person from your company that contacts the business guest can have a big impact on him or her. To prevent negative impressions and improve your team’s readiness to host and negotiate, ask for advice. Guestmanship offers Quick Scan of the awareness and readiness of your employees, country-specific advice on hosting and in-house training. Find out more here.

For an even bigger impact, Guestmanship can assist you while you host an international business partner from emerging markets. The hospitality specialists of Guestmanship have double nationality and understand your business partner, preventing culture shock. Guestmanship arranges everything during the visit and acts as a crucial point of contact 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. Your business guest is satisfied, trust is built and you can focus on your business. See the benefits of Guestmanship Assisting here.

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