Reference Onze Livre ‘They went out of their way to make my visit to the Netherlands unforgettable’.

‘They went out of their way to make my visit to the Netherlands unforgettable’ were the exact words of our guest. And he is right.

Our office is located in Limburg and when we invited an important guest over to the Netherlands we realized that we were not equipped to organize and perform a complete visit to the Netherlands by ourselves. What we needed was someone who would be an extension of our own organization. However, since we only had one guest visiting many companies were not willing to accept our assignment as they required at least two guests if not more.

And then we found Guestmanship.

It would be an understatement to say that we were happy with the services rendered by Guestmanship, we were thrilled. Already before our guest arrived and we made our purpose of this visit clear we knew we made the right decision hiring Guestmanship. We received an extensive programme for the entire visit of our guest, which went above and beyond our requirements; Guestmanship really thought about everything and came with many valuable ideas to give our guest the best possible experience. The programme took all our wishes into account yet remained flexible to also consider the wishes of our guest, even changes in the weather and any other ad hoc changes.

Guestmanship arranged the programme, including the hotel, pick up at the airport, entry tickets, transport, a local mobile phone for easy contact and emergencies, a welcome package with typical Dutch sweets (eg. Stroopwafels), a map, general information about the locations our guest would visit and even pre-marked postcards for our guest to send back home. On request, Guestmanship accompanied our guest everywhere. Not once during the 5 day visit of our guest did we have to worry about a thing. We kept in touch with our guest on a daily basis and received nothing but praise about the visit and the programme.

Personalized service, eye for small details and never ending enthusiasm are the reasons for us to choose Guestmanship again and again. Guestmanship really is the ideal partner to organize any guest(s) visit, whether it is a formal or informal visit, and we can strongly recommend Guestmanship to everyone.

Onze Livre BV
June, 2012


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Thank you so much Guestmanship. We really appreciated the way you handled everything and the guest had a wonderful time. As mentioned, I will definitely recommend you to friends and colleagues of Amnesty International Amnesty International


C’étais une très bonne experience. C’est la première fois que je visite les Pays Bas et j’ai gardé de très bons souvenirs. Personnellement j’ai bien apprécié les services de GUESTMANSHIP; surtout pour une personne qui visite le pays pour la première fois ça permet de faciliter beaucoup les tâches et ça représente un soutien moral pour lui. De ma part, je conseille toute personne souhaitant visiter les PAYS BAS de contacter GUESTMANSHIP pour passer son séjour dans les meilleures conditionsAgentschapNL


It was a very nice experience and I think Guestmanship assured his role with great professionalism. They had facilitated our visit especially starting with the hotel and guiding us through the city of The Hague and Amsterdam and advising about facilities, such as sights, restaurants and shops, at each destination.Ministry of Economic Affairs


Wij zijn zeer tevreden over het deskundige en prettige verloop van de tour. Veel dank voor jullie enthousiasme en naar wat ik begrepen heb vooral jullie flexibiliteit! Ik heb feedback gevraagd aan Mr Dai, en die was positief! DSM


It’s possible to go on a trip to any country without the service of a hospitality specialist, but with GUESTMANSHIP’s guidance we used our free time very well without loss of time or money and we had a 2 week stay in Holland without problems. We had throughout our stay contact with Mrs Jindra de Baat, so we were comfortable and we know that if we encounter problems we will be guided.AgentschapNL

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