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Here are some basic principles required to create an adequate understanding of cultural dissimilarities in international discussions and businesses dealings:


Discussion Tactic 1.

Investigate the cultural framework of their business relations.

You must endeavor to interact with nationals of the country you intend to do business with. You would learn a lot about their perspectives, attitudes and expectations from nationals and they will give you insight into the culture of their home country.


Discussion tactic 2.

Regard and respect cultural dissimilarities

Having dialogues and talks with businesses from other cultures without respect for the beliefs, principles and culture could create a major hiccup to having a successful and productive meeting.  When your offer is tailored in a way that considers and respects their values, you can be sure of a favorable response.


Discussion tactic 3.

Always consider people’s view of your culture

It is crucial to know how your business relations view your own culture. Always remember that culture is a two way street and you must be aware of how they view your culture for you to get the best out of discussions.


Discussion tactic 4

Look for an approach to overcome cultural dissimilarities

The impact of cultural dissimilarities can affect your business operations and delivery badly internationally.  It becomes imperative for you to develop sameness of objective with your suppliers. You suppliers’ objectives must be consistent with your business’s objectives in order to deliver your brand and service in a way that encourages great reception from your foreign relations.  In a simpler form, your business interests and objectives and suppliers interest must be harmonized. in Betaversion provides sufficient information on how to overcome cultural dissimilarities

You would be equipped with relevant details and systematic approaches to overcoming cultural dissimilarities that could affect business operations badly. In addition, you would get sufficient information on how to discern likenesses and dissimilarities between major associates and business visitors


Have a comprehensive insight into the requirements for effective business relations and the most appropriate approach to satisfy these requirements.


Having incorrect insight into the nature of the challenge is tantamount to proffering and adopting an incorrect approach. Boost the worth of deals while neglecting the need to promote lasting interactions.


An illustration is as followed:

Being able to say words in a variety of dialects is not an assurance that you are fluent in those dialects. Depending on the country, there could be multiple dialects like in the case of Tunisia which has an official dialect (Arabic) and French and English as widely used languages as well.

While English is widely used as the official business language, you will find that some cultures cannot express certain ideas using English.

There are expressions in languages that cannot be translated to English because there are no expressions for such ideas in English thus creating a challenge.


How would you express yourself in your third language? What is the approach to communicating in a third semantic?


Coping with dissimilarities

A flawless customer description is a very great form of introduction.  When you utilize a great method that embraces great ideals, devotion and supportability would engender a foreseeable and reliable system.


All discussions present two categories of challenges: 

Human complications and challenges which is centered on logic, insight, interaction, trustworthiness, and reception as well as the other category of challenge called practical challenge which covers matters pertaining to negotiations.

It is quite common to find that negotiators lay all of the emphasis on human factors and do not address the practical matters.

It is important that negotiators adopt a different approach by focusing on the challenge while deemphasizing concerns with individuals.

In doing this, it would be less likely for challenges with practicality of a negotiation to affect a sustainable and healthy business interaction and relations.


Declaration: it is our conviction that generating meaningful gains does not come from the practicality of negotiation but this is gotten by focusing on the emotional aspects of a negotiation and by engaging imaginations and feelings. Being more feeling oriented during negotiations is pivotal to creating formidable business in contemporary times and for the future. Emotions are crucial to all areas of marketing and must be integrated accordingly for any business to enjoy international success. It is therefore important for businesses to deliver quality reception to business visitors and deal according to their wishes and expectations. 


Estimating and mitigating the impact of cultural dissimilarities during business

Enhance your attitude in managing various cultural dissimilarities by constantly exploring visitor’s culture.  A conscious effort must be made towards knowing every aspect of visitor’s culture as it relates to the business.  Admit your inexperience about their culture, make efforts to learn and recommend that your business visitors do the same.


A fantastic explanation  is that you must make the effort to know what your business visitors would like. It is imperative that you are aware of what their preferences, expectations and inclinations are. Failure to do this would be tantamount to wasting resource as you would spend a lot of resources on things and operations that are not consistent with their expectations.  It is equally imperative to communicate your plan with them so they have a clue on what is coming.


Integrate foreign tactics with existing client experience

Your business operations must be driven by a constant need to increase value and this should take precedence over your marketing objectives. It is important to strengthen business interactions while improving the view of your business image internationally. International business is often successful based on the value you give customers and the strength of your international interactions.


Deliver quality experience to your guest and clients

Identifying the needs of your international associates and market is very important and crucial to business success. You must know what your international associates want as this is required for fostering a meaningful and enjoyable business relations. When you give something that is irrelevant and not required, it would never have the envisioned impact and would certainly not generate the desired response from your international guests.


At what point is it suitable to exceed the expectations of clients and give your business guests a pleasant surprise?   It is suitable to do this when you want to achieve any of the following:

  • When trying to create unforgettable experiences and thrilling reminisces
  • When trying to give your relations a pleasant shock that leaves them dazed in amazement and obliterates any competition
  • As a remedial measure from a big mistake
  • To deliver an astounding operation that is stress free and inexpensive


Are you going to pioneer or trail?


You would be provided with relevant academic resources that would strengthen what you’ve been taught and introduce innovative stratagems to enhancing your international business relations. You would be repositioned to finalize international business deals without any hassle.


This informative and scholastic scheme is developed to reposition international business owners for effective operations irrespective of the scope of their business


Some of the benefits that international business owners seek include:

  • Lower the chances of failure
  • Enhance conversions and profitability
  • To cultivate friendliness and cultural awareness simultaneously


The importance of relationships to international business cannot be overstated.  Relations are the bedrock of international business is built. Also, human inefficiencies in this regard have been responsible for between twenty and fifty percent of all of the undesirable business deal results.


The major factor that has undermined international merges and business is hinged on the area of operations. The absence of preparation, restrictive collaborations, dissimilarities in management, organizational structure and international culture. The challenges have been centered on inexperience of the administrative members and lack of skill and instruments required to deal with existing challenges.


Having a properly designed strategy would reduce the prospects of failure and encourages responsiveness that affects international business operations positively.

While doing the Master Guestmanship course, each module gives you the tools with examples of how to apply it to your business and to quiz yourself.

Before the finish of this course, you will have important abilities that encourage you lead global business with a heightened achievement, irrespective of your extent of involvement or knowledge of various societies.

You would be equipped with matchless aptitude to maintain lasting and productive relations with international partners while meeting their expectations


Criteria for training

  • enthusiasm to explore and learn
  • grade C1 – 4F in English

Benefits of this program

  • Relevant academic materials consist of four sections with every section containing about five chapters respectively. An instructional material also includes an approximate four hours audio.
  • You would become a guru in Guestmanship with certification in intentional plan and business involvement
  • Capacity to maintain lasting, sustainable and productive global business relations
  • Improvements in all aspects of your business, insight into the nature of global business relations, inclinations and anticipations while implementing global business relations with a matchless skill and aptitude.
  • broadened scope of reasoning and a profoundly innovative creative approach


Who are your prospects?

  • international business owners, parties and participants
  • individuals that are looking to broaden business opportunities



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* Essentials of Financial Risk Management: Karen A. Horcher & Cultural Dimensions of International Mergers and Acquisitions: Martine Cardel Gertsen,Anne-Marie Søderberg,Jens Erik Torp


Bad experiences will have an effect on your business deal and how to avoid it?

With all the topics we discussed and shared knowledge, you can become better in filling out the needs and expectations of your business relations.

When participating in our online education program as betatester and finish all 4 modules you can start over again, you will listen to all the modules in a different way, more wise and more service minded.

The online version will be supported by real practical examples of companies who did do business before with people from a certain background you are specifically interested in.


START NOW, improving your knowledge and your deals.


You are getting the hang of it, in Mastering Guestmanship!


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