International transactions

In international transactions, details turn relationships into a success

For the Netherlands, international business is of great importance and emerging markets have a big role in it. Only successfully closed deals keep the international business running and growing.

However, it’s not always easy to lead negotiations towards the positive result. You have to prepare the right strategy and convince your partner with the content of the deal. That is your expertise. For even better results, make sure other essential aspects are taken into account – especially when hosting a partner from an emerging market to seal the deal in the Netherlands.

An undisturbed business environment and a strong relationship with your business guest are equally important.
Luckily, there are ways to achieve that.


Whether you want to educate yourself, get advice or get assistance for the visit of your international business guest, Guestmanship is here for you.
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Or read below the ABC’s of creating the business experience for your guests from emerging markets.


Appropriate guest journey

Business doesn‘t just occur from 9 to 5. An international business visit extends far beyond the office place and normal business hours. Your business guest is accustomed to being pampered and to having his cultural needs satisfied during whole business trip. There is no separation between business hours and evening entertainment. Did you know that … 

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Dutch hospitality will most probably let him down during his journey. The Netherlands is simply not a service oriented country that understands cultural requirements and your guest will not be satisfied. It is you who can make a change. Investing in cultural knowledge as well as the business experience of your guest, will set your company apart.

Building relationships

Relationship building is the key to your company’s success. It becomes even more relevant if your business partner comes from an emerging market. He or she will not do business until the relationship is built. To build a relationship, the business partner has to trust you. That will happen when you respect him, but also … 

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Fulfil his expectations and needs. It is crucial to understand what your international business partner needs. The needs and expectations vary from culture to culture and from person to person. When the partner arrives from a distant country with a significantly different culture than that of the Dutch, it is especially difficult to understand his needs. Your empathy is coloured by your cultural background and your individual interests and mission. But that’s your chance as a host to perform better than others do.

Cultural diversity

Understanding the cultural differences and treating your guests in the manner that they would expect, can immediately distinguish your business from your competitors‘. For a Dutch businessman, everyday habits and ways of doing business become particularly unusual when working with emerging markets. For example … 

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It takes much longer to get down to business in some cultures. They will only do business when a valuable relationship is established. Furthermore, reading between the lines is more crucial than it sounds. And culture shocks – you just don’t want that to happen when you host an international business partner in the Netherlands. Learning about the cultural diversity will help you prepare yourself and the environment for the expectations of your business guest from emerging countries.

Guestmanship can help you master all three topics

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