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What will Guestmanship deliver for me?

We will create the perfect conditions for doing business. Guestmanship service starts with a warm welcome from a compatriot who has been living in the Netherlands for several years and is available to answer your questions 24 hours a day. Every encounter with a foreign culture is a pleasure and when people are relaxed they can focus on the deal.

Can’t I do this myself?

Of course, but bear in mind that having your secretary organise the itinerary also costs money. Only Guestmanship can absolutely fulfil the expectations and needs of your foreign guests. This is what we do for large and small businesses every day. This reduces the pressure and stress on your organisation and your guests.

When does the Guestmanship service begin? When your guest leaves their country of origin or when they arrive in the Netherlands?

Guestmanship service starts whenever and wherever you require it. Please bear in mind that it is also possible for your guest to feel that they are in unfamiliar territory even in their homeland. The challenges and uncertainty begin the moment your guest finds him or herself on unfamiliar terrain.

Can I book Guestmanship services separately?

Of course, that is not a problem. Every Guestmanship program is bespoke; we tailor our service to your specific needs, large or small.

Does Guestmanship take part in my business meetings?

No, Guestmanship does not have a role in your business meetings. There will be times during your schedule when there will be some overlap, but Guestmanship is most active in the times outside your business activities.

Are Guestmanship staff well versed in intercultural business communication?

Yes. All of our staff have completed the Guestmanship training program and know precisely what is expected of them. Each guide is selected for their knowledge of the guest’s country of origin and Dutch customs and norms. In order to be of good service Guestmanship strive to balance cultural differences.

What is the difference between Guestmanship and other hostess and secretarial services?

Guestmanship is not tied to office hours and is available 24 hours a day for you and your guests. Our goal is the achievement of your objectives.

Who uses Guestmanship?

Companies that receive international business guests use Guestmanship. Our guests come from Brazil, Russia, India, China, Central Asia and the gulf states of Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates among others.

Organisations such as DSM, NL Agency (Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation), VARA and Onze Livre precede you.


My guest requires personal security, can Guestmanship deliver this?

Guestmanship can arrange everything you require. We work exclusively with the best companies to offer your guests the security that perfectly meets their needs 24 hours a day. Please contact us if you have specific requests.

My guest is a very important person, their personal information and movements are top secret, how will Guestmanship accommodate their needs?

At Guestmanship every guest is a VIP and thus enjoys our absolute discretion. We share only the information necessary with our partners for the fulfilment of their role. We always take extra precautions if required. Please contact us if you have specific requests.

User guide

What happens if my guest’s flight is unavoidably delayed or cancelled?

All expenses that cannot be recovered must be paid by the host. Guestmanship services can be temporarily suspended and reinstated when needed. Guestmanship will take all reasonable steps to recover all expenses incurred but cannot be held responsible for costs beyond our control.

Can I book extra Guestmanship services after my guest has arrived in the Netherlands?

Yes you can. The Guestmanship itinerary that we have in place before your guest arrives and during their stay is flexible and can be adapted to the needs of your guest and your business.

Can I book extra Guestmanship services after my guest has arrived in the Netherlands?

Yes you can. The Guestmanship itinerary that we have in place before your guest arrives and during their stay is flexible and can be adapted to the needs of your guest and your business.

Do I have control over the companies engaged on my behalf by Guestmanship?

Yes. At Guestmanship our goal is the achievement of your objectives and this includes working with your regular suppliers. We have our own regular partners but we would be delighted to work with your chosen suppliers at your request.

Is Guestmanship really with the guest 24 hours a day?

That depends entirely upon the needs of the guest and the host. We can be physically present or we can be on call for a prescribed number of hours every day and contactable by email or telephone on a stand by basis.

Is there anything I need to do after I have booked Guestmanship?

You don’t need to do another thing. Guestmanship will begin to compile your guest’sitinerary. If you or your guests wish to make any changes to the itineraryit is important that you let us know as soon as possible so that we can best anticipate your needs. Guestmanship will discuss with you how many contact hours you require during your guest’s stay.


Do I have to pay in advance?

Yes. Guestmanship works with a pay in advance system, just like travel agencies. You pay the full amount. This sum is used to secure the services of suppliers that will be used during your guest’s stay.

I am no longer expecting a guest. Can I cancel my Guestmanship booking?

Please inform Guestmanship by letter or email in the event of the cancellation of a trip or stay that is already planned.

The following cancellation conditions apply:

  • for cancellation from confirmation of the engagement of Guestmanship services until 56 days before the planned departure of your guest: 20% of the cost of the booking, with a minimum cost of €50;
  • for cancellation between 29 and 55 days before the planned departure of your guest:50% of the cost of the reservation, with a minimum cost of €50;
  • for cancellation between 17 and 28 days before the planned departure of your guest:75% of the cost of the reservation;
  • for cancellation from 16 days until the day of departure: 100% of the cost of the reservation.
Is the guest insured by Guestmanship?

No. Guestmanship offers no supplementary insurance. The responsibility for ensuring adequate insurance cover lies with the guest and host. Guestmanship accept no liability.

Guestmanship is comprehensively insured and our insurer will be called upon in the event of an incident.

Are there any additional costs after I have paid for my all inclusive Guestmanship itinerary?

No. In principle there are no additional costs, all charges will be calculated in advance. In the event of changes that lead to additional expenses that fall outside of the budget will of course be invoiced after the Guestmanship services are delivered.

Budgetary changes are always subject to the approval of the company. Guestmanship will not act without the prior consent of the commissioning company.

How much does it cost to engage Guestmanship services?

Guestmanship is more expensive than arranging everything yourself. Engaging the services of Guestmanship is the choice you make when it really matters, when you don’t want to leave anything to chance. When you consider this Guestmanship is more affordable than you ever imagined.

Guestmanship deliver bespoke, customised services specifically tailored to your needs therefore we cannot put a price for this on our website. Please contact us with an outline of your requirements and we will give you a quick estimate based on your situation.

What is included in the price?

Included in the price are Guestmanship services and the costs that are incurred when booking the accommodation, transportation etc. Our aim is to cover all of your and your guest’s needs before their arrival in the Netherlands.

After care and questions

How can I make a complaint or pass on a compliment?

You can send any queries or comments to Mrs JA de Baat at our email address, office@guestmanship.com or by post to Guestmanship, PO Box 84074, 2508 AB, The Hague.

Will Guestmanship retain the preferences of my business and guest?

We do our utmost to securely retain the preferences of all of our clients and guests in order to better anticipate your needs and offer intelligent suggestions in line with your wishes and expectations.

What does ‘not satisfied, time returned’ mean?

In the event that your guest is not satisfied with the Guestmanship service, Guestmanship will credit you with the time so that you can use it again in the future with a guest of your choice.



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