Business experience

Not every businessman is an experienced traveller.
In 75% of cases, it’s actually their first business trip.

Think about the first time you went to Asia or South America on business. That was a shock. Now think back to how you were received. Was it good or bad? That first impression stays with you whether it was overly enthusiastic hospitality or surly indifference. This first impression most probably affects your business decisions.

In most cases, negative impression affects your international transaction when you invite your business partners from emerging markets to the Netherlands. The services here simply don’t meet their expectations. And even if you choose the best providers, they are still un-synchronised and they have their own missions. They don’t care about what you want to achieve with the transaction. That reflects in the business decisions of your guest.

Business experience is the alternative you can choose.

In order to make a deal or a sustainable series of deals out of a transaction, include business experience in your strategy.

Business experience is a coherent process that consists of internal part, which is your specialty, and the external moments, in which suppliers play a big role. Your business guest sees that as uniform experience. If one part fails, the whole transaction is influenced.

With the right approach, Guestmanship acts as a deal accelerator during your international transaction with a guest from emerging markets.

Together we can create the business experience that works in your favour.


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