Leave the inefficient traditional approach behind, choose the forward- thinking. There are substantial differences in the two approaches, but what matter the most is the outcome.


You are in contact with a new business prospect out of China. The Chinese company is interested in your company, A possible big order of a couple of million. A lot on stack for you, everything need to be in line for when the business prospect comes to The Netherlands.


Do you feel the pressure, the tension?

Traditional approach: Focus – Logistics, Process, internal focus.

Is it true that you ask your secretary to organize the stay of your business relations that come to the Netherlands? First thing she will do; The secretary makes a call or goes for an interview at the hotel where your business relationship resides and will discuss all the details.

Traditional approach: Approach steps –
1. Business program designed regarding own preferences
2. Secretary organizes transport, accommodation and sightseeing
3. Quick cultural Do and Don’ts list as a preparation for negotiations with the partner

Have you ever thought about with whom she talks while at the hotel? This can be the account manager, the sales manager of the hotel or it might even be the reservations manager.
The people who hold these positions intend to sell you their products as well as they possibly can. They sell the hotel room to you, and an additional part to make the guest’s stay as pleasant as possible is the Guest Service that they offer.

Traditional approach: Mode –
• Short term thinking
• Relying on external suppliers
• 9 to 5 mode
• Keeping time frame


They sell rooms or guest service – no, their goal is to sell rooms and a subordinate activity is service – difficult to distinguish because it is so closely tied together.

Make this distinction and your confidence is based upon?

• Their name,
• Their image,
• Their word or
Confidence in the account manager that your business relation will be lacking nothing, and that nothing is left to chance.
Traditional approach: Risk –

  • Missing opportunities
  • Suppliers not giving appropriate service
  • Uncontrolled situations
  • Culture shock


Is it the account manager who also performs everything regarding operations? At the end of the day, he or she has given their word to you, and your trust is based on the confidence you have in him and his promises.

His word is carried out by others. The reception employee, control employee etc.
The account manager transfers this to the reservations manager, who subsequently communicates with the front office and f and b manager. The front office manager transfers this to the reception staff and the food and beverage manager transfers it to the restaurant manager, who will instruct his staff. His breakfast staff, room service staff, bar staff and dinner staff.
If you can’t keep up anymore, then don’t worry. Your message and mission objective have already been lost.
That is, very little will be left of it. You and your message will end up on the big pile of the mission and objective of the hotel.


Traditional approach: Outcome –
A. Financial inefficiency
B. Unhappy & stressed business partner
C. Unbalanced business climate
D. No trust
In the hotel, guests should be satisfied within the processes and frameworks that are run there.
However, the guest service is offered to all guests, your guest is one of many. Nothing more and nothing less. If your guest has a question, he will just have to wait his turn if there are 10 other questions before him. The receptionist will gladly recommend good restaurants, and she can call a taxi. She can explain everything regarding the surroundings of the hotel with the help of a map, but she won’t be able to walk along with the guest.
They are attached to a particular process, steps that they should follow and that they can only marginally deviate from.
Service up to the threshold.

“Assumptions is a huge risk when doing international business”.

After this description, I am sure you can understand that if you do not want to leave anything to chance, you have to be present at all times, even in the hotel, because even there it sometimes happens that service falls short when it comes to your important guests. That people fail to meet his or her expectations and needs because hotel staff are not equipped with all possible tools to satisfy your personal relationship and comply with all the values that he or she has.
The definition of guest service standards may be different than the definition for the business relationship and cultural differences play a prominent role here.
As a host, you must be able to rely on the expertise of your hired vendors, but do you trust that everyone is pursuing your goal, and is this feasible?

What happens when the business relation is not happy?
How much affect will it have on your position, image and negotiations?


Choose the forward- thinking to differentiate from competition:
Focus –
 Well-being of your international business guest.
Approach steps –
 Educate yourself about needs and expectations of the guest
 Ask for advice on negotiation strategy with different nations and guest journey
 Request assistance while hosting your business partner to close the deal in The Netherlands.
Mode –
 Expertise
 Optimising business climate
 Time & cost efficient
 Neutral position
Risk –
 Trust is build
 Most beneficial conditions
 Full focus on business
 Mutual commitment
Outcome –
 Long- lasting business relationships
 Undisturbed environment
 Ready to negotiate
 Willingness & Goodwill
How do you turn international transactions with emerging markets into success? With details, that bring out the best from your business guest.

Bad experiences will have an effect on your business deal and how to avoid it?

With all the topics we discussed and shared knowledge, you can become better in filling out the needs and expectations of your business relations.

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The online version will be supported by real practical examples of companies who did do business before with people from a certain background you are specifically interested in.


START NOW, improving your knowledge and your deals.


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